The set includes 35 unique affirmation cards covering prosperity, abundance, peace, happiness, motivation, encouragement, self-esteem, love, abundance, health, career, peace, and happiness.

Each card contains a powerful quote. Give yourself a daily dose of positivity with these uplifting, inspirational quotes! ​

You can use these meditation cards to alter your perspective, rewire your brain, get rid of false beliefs, and draw good things into your life. They support you in setting good intentions for the day.


This journal is designed for the woman who is focused on bettering themselves, and it encourages writing on a daily basis. It’s proven that documenting your thoughts and experiences on a daily basis can be healing. This journal encourages you to do just that.

With over 132 pages, it provides a space for writing and reflecting.

Also included are over 200 journaling prompts and tips to make daily journaling easier.